Saturday, 15 June 2013

Food, glorious food at the Royal Three Counties Show

Truly, the sun has been shining today (this taken Friday)
It’s been a day of sunshine and showers, but nothing to deter the visitors who have thronged here from far and wide. The hills must be in watching mode, looking lovelier than ever in the greens of early Summer. My day has been as busy as was yesterday’s, striding between venues and exhibits. WiFi has not caught up with necessity to broadcast speedily so I am actually ahead of the facility, but have spent such a varied an enjoyable time. 

So much more than is shown here - come and see yourself
Farming is all about FOOD and what with mouth-watering treats, and the need to purchase supper, I guessed a Show food collage might give pleasure. A mosaic of seven images can hardly show the diversity of products on display and for sale: there are culinary treats fit for a queen. From tasty meats, artisan breads, jams and pickles to succulent vegetables and scrumptious wines and cordials – and plenty of eateries – no-one need go home hungry! Added to all that is on offer has been a series of demonstrations in the Cookery Theatre, hosted by Katie & Glyn Johnson of Wot’s Cooking, who apart from supplying the ingenious, fully operational travelling kitchen, also run their own ‘small’ smallholding on the Shrophshire/Welsh border. A full programme is also available on Sunday.

In the Collecting Ring
The farm animals are magnificent, with more breeds being shown at the Royal than in any previous year. But talking about farming is not part of my remit, as farming is not in my blood and I know very little about it. So please, for the agricultural aspect of things, do read “Jack’s Blog” written by a local young farmer with his own flock of sheep.

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