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Memories from the 2013 Malvern Autumn Show
Summer isn’t over yet, but it’s good to say hello again after my break from Show blogging. Mind you, the Showground has been busy with many activities since I last posted about the RHS Malvern Spring Show. So welcome back to Ann’s Malvern Jotter as I now bring you news of the forthcoming Three Counties Malvern Autumn Show.

The Regional Cookery Theatre is always popular (this, too, was 2013)
And oh, what a treat it will be! Note the date first: Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th September when the Three Counties will be celebrating food, gardening, harvest and nostalgia - and a whole lot more.

A new collage from 2013 images
So, in a nutshell for today’s introduction - what to see and do: Food - taste it (packed full of flavour); Gardening - grow it, harvest it; Nostalgia - re-live it (wander down memory lane); Live Shows - experience it (catch all the action!) and pick up something really special: Shop - buy it (or as they say in a well-know supermarket ad, “shop till you drop”.

Fascinating talks and demos by remarkable specialists
Early news that has just landed on my desk relates to another popular aspect of the Malvern Shows - Plant Demonstrations and Question and Answer Sessions. Two of the Royal Horticultural Society’s major bodies - The Tender Ornamental Plant Committee and The Fruit, Vegetable and Herbs Committee, plus the National Vegetable Society - are joining forces for the second year to host these sessions in the Harvest Pavilion. Visitors can glean advice and benefit from years of experience from an outstanding panel of speakers. 

We all use them, but obtaining the best results requires skill and knowledge
Scheduled for the Autumn Show are the following: Pelargoniums  -  Helen Bainbridge, Member of the RHS Tender Ornamental Plant Committee; Fruit Tree Pruning - Nick Dunn, Chairman of the RHS Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Committee; Growing Vegetables in Containers - Mark Hall, Trustee of the National Vegetable Society; Plants in the Home -  John Hughes, Member of the RHS Tender Ornamental Plant Committee; Fuchsias  - Geoff Oke, Member of the RHS Tender Ornamental Plant Committee; Home Composting -  Mick Poultney, Chairman of the West Midlands Association of the National Vegetable Society and Abbey Road Allotments; Carnivorous Plants  - Matthew Soper, Member of the RHS Tender Ornamental Plant Committee; Showing Fruit and Vegetables - Colin Spires, Vice-Chairman of the RHS Fruit Vegetable and Herb Committee;  Planting Winter Containers  - Brian Taylor, Vice-Chairman of the RHS Tender Ornamental Plant Committee; Tender Plant Associations - Jon Wheatley, Member of RHS Council and Vice-Chairman  of the Tender Ornamental Plant Committee. Talks will take place at hourly intervals (if space permits, I’ll list these with the relevant day in a future post). I sat in on a number of similar talks at the 2013 Show and found them both useful and absolutely fascinating.

A grand day out at Malvern - all the fun of the fair
Now to the nitty-gritty: Show opening times on both days are 9.00am to 6.00pm and there’s a free shuttle bus from Great Malvern rail station. There's also no charge for standard car parking.  Book your Show tickets online, or phone the ticket hotline (01684 584924). And bookmark this Blog if you haven’t done so already as I’ll be posting regularly right up to the Show.

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