Thursday, 29 August 2013

An abundance of apples, pears and fruit of all kinds

What a display - fruit to perfection
What could be more Autumnal – and more in tune with the Three Counties – than the apple and pear harvest? And it is celebrated in style at the Malvern Autumn Show; you cannot escape the wonderful produce that producers from the counties of Worcestershire,  Gloucestershire and Herefordshire bring for your delight.

No room for fruit trees? How about a potted orchard?
Such bounty, such enjoyment, and just about everything you may need to know about growing your own orchard, even if it is no more than potted fruit trees on the patio.

Perry Pears in serried rows - a three-counties speciality
The exciting news is that this year many previously diverse aspects of the fruit harvest will come together in The Orchard Pavilion. So now, in one location, you will find a veritable cornucopia: the Festival of Perry, the Commercial Apple and Pear show, the Marcher Apple Network, the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers, the Herefordshire Year of the Orchard Group, plus the apple juice competition, and what’s more, learn how to manage your orchard.

Buy from specialist nurseries during the Show
Celebrating the Year of Orchard: Orchards not only cover apples and pears but stone fruits – damsons, plums and sloes (have you ever made – and drunk – sloe gin? Goes down a treat on a cold, frosty evening). There will be stands selling dessert and cooking apples, tree nurseries, and small stands selling preserves made from orchard fruit.

Remarkable honey-bees
Don’t miss the Bee Exhibition – it’s always fascinating; bees are critical for pollination, or their would be no fruit; Also covered will be nut orchards., which were once prevalent on every country estate and even in cottage gardens, for nuts were once part of the staple diet; hazel nuts and cob nuts, walnuts and the sweet chestnut encased in hedgehog-like prickly green case. Roast chestnuts round the fire on bonfire night.

Lots to try and buy; locally produced and delicious.
Our Nuffield Scholar, Ali Capper, will give a talk about apples “from the tree to the fruit bowl”. With the late Spring and thus absence of late frosts, it’s been a bumper year for fruit, so if you come to the Malvern Autumn Show for no other reason, come and celebrate nature’s harvest and earth’s fruitfulness.

I just love this golden perry pear and had to fit it in somehow! I'm now taking a short break but will be back well before the Show (28th & 29th September) as there is still so much to tell you about.  Please check back the week after next and make sure you book your tickets, and come as early as you can, for there is SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO.

Meanwhile, as we have more images than we can publish in one short post, here's another of my collages to whet your appetite even further.

From judging fruit juice (I was roped in one year) to Merrylegs 
perry pears - and more - there is always so much to enjoy at Malvern

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