Thursday, 18 July 2013

Autumn Show Preview – Floral Heaven

Colour and scent at Malvern, come the end of September
It may seem that the Malvern Autumn Show is still some long way off, but you can be sure that all those involved with floral displays and selling plants have the date firmly in their sights (September 28th & 29th) and are keeping a close eye on their stock. So whilst we gardeners are enjoying a heat-wave we may have thought was a thing of the past (the summer jet stream has moved north), nurserymen will be watering, watching for pests, shading plants from scorching, and all the other techniques used to ensure that what they exhibit and sell at the Autumn Show will be in peak condition.

Seek them out in the RHS Flower Show in the Wye Hall, in the Floral Art section (also in the Wye Hall), and in stalls around various parts of the Showground. Meanwhile, do remember to book your tickets, and take a look at the Autumn Show website, along with my Malvern Scrapbook Pinterest Image Board where you can see images at a larger size from all the Shows. 

This is an interim post before resuming previews of specific sections of the 2013 Autumn Show in greater depth. Images (courtesy Ray Quinton) were taken at the 2012 Show.

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