Sunday, 12 May 2013

Signing Off .....

Final scrapbook collage of the Malvern Spring Gardening Show
The Final Day

Hills and crowds
And so to the final day and the last post at this Show. And what a Show it has been, struggling with rain and high winds, and yet visitors have not been deterred. But that’s Malvern with its own micro-climate; something to which I have grown accustomed over the years. And it’s still such a wonderful place to be. Little things have made such a difference to this year’s visit: hard-surfaced walkways between the Show Gardens and in the Floral Marquee; plenty of seats around the Showground; ample places from which to buy refreshments – and lots of new exhibitors, activities and events.

Watching the crowds
It can’t have been easy for exhibitors of plants. Indeed at the Press Briefing on the first morning of the Show, RHS Head of Judging, Bob Sweet commented on the bravery and commitment of nurserymen to exhibit at all, and that to have achieved what they have must have involved an enormous fuel bill. And despite conditions earlier in the year, there are more gold-medal gardens than ever before. I still have my favourite, regardless of medals!

Start of the Malvern Spring Sportive Cycling Challenge
And those of us up really early this morning were able to watch the start of the Malvern Spring Sportive Cycling Challenge, organised by Velo Events, which the Showground is hosting for the first time. Each of the three races of 50km, 100km and 160km take place on public roads, and the 160k event is truly challenging.

James Alexander-Sinclair in the Plants & People Theatre
I have yet to find time to attend one of the talks in the Plants & People Theatre and am determined to do so this afternoon, so this will be a shorter than usual post. I would have liked to have heard the talk on Edibles but will take pot luck today and know that as always, hosting by James Alexander-Sinclair will be informative and enjoyable.

'The Team' : Isobel (left), Sharon (centre), Ann (right)
It will be strange not to be totally consumed by the Spring Show. I shall miss the camaraderie of being one of an extremely busy team and of the support of both Communications Manager, Sharon Gilbert, and Isobel Coulter (Communications Officer) – we are a team, even though it may be my name that heads the Blog. And a huge ‘thankyou’ to all our blog visitors; statistics show that in just three months, we have had over 5,000 hits, which is so pleasing for a site that did not exist until this year.

Sunset over the Malverns
I will miss the spectacular hills but will be back blogging again prior to the Royal Three Counties Show, and then again in late June, starting previews of the Autumn Show – “a charming celebration of food, gardening and nostalgia”. Meanwhile, thanks for being with us, enjoy your gardening; and please keep visiting.


  1. Ann,having been unable to visit the show this year, I have found your posts lovely.So a big thank you to all of your team for thinking of the idea and for doing all the work that has gone into it.

    1. Thankyou for this sweet comment, Flowerlady; I am so glad you liked the posts, and am glad it has brought you pleasure. Enjoy your gardening (I'll catch up with your blog eventually) - and I will be back soon.

  2. Thank you so much Ann for mentioning my photobook 'Malvern Common in Spring and Summer'. I am glad it brought you enjoyment and you know your purchase made a difference almost 4000 miles away

    1. Jane, I am so pleased. (And yesterday, I drove from Welland to Little Malvern, and on the Green, near Welland School, was such a treat of green-winged orchids that we had to stop to photograph them.) I would never had realised the rich diversity of flora on the commons had it not been for meeting you, and buying your book.)